The VSTE Board of Directors and Conference Committee are excited to have you join us at the 32nd Annual Technology in Education Conference. #VSTE17 promises to be the best ever.

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Sunday, December 3

10:45am EST

10 Classroom Hacks Using Microsoft Office Roanoke GMelissa Edmonds All About Me! Student Journals, portfolios and flipping instruction with Google Sites Crystal EEric Baar • Michelle Pressley Creating Innovative, Student-Centered Projects with App Smashing WashingtonAimee Brenner Embracing Social Media - The Good, The Meh, The Increased Student Engagment MadisonJason Buck • Christine Hutto Empower Your Super Students' Creativity Using G-Suite Apps Pocahontas BKari Empowering learners with Interactive Video Assessment Tools Buck MountainLaurie Pierce Empowerment Through Advocacy: It Starts With You Pocahontas ARod Carnill Find your Student's Super Power with Pixie Crystal APauline Burkett From Lil' Minecrafters to Minecraft Makershop: Empowering Kids to Make and Create With Architecture and Design Crystal DRachel Burkett Moravec If Children's Literature, Google Classroom, and Pixie Had a Baby... MonroeKaren Clore • Casey Reding Lightning in a Bottle: Building a Successful Coding Program in Middle School Crystal CCindy Brady • Marnie Hawk Little Learners, BIG Opportunity Harrison/TylerTonya Coffey Nearpod and Common Sense Media Making Us Super Digital Citizens Roanoke EAlex Soule • Jennifer Thiessen Open Education Resources: Igniting Change in Teaching and Learning Shenandoah AMichelle Brummond Presentation Zen: From A to Z Crystal BHeidi Branch • Laura Lissak Proof Positive! A Guide to Digital Tools that Empower Kids and Support Meaningful Collaboration Mill MountainMonet Baker PROPS - Peer Recognition of Professional Success Brush MountainJesse Roberts • Daniel Vanover Read, Write, Click: Tech Tools and Strategies for the Language Arts Classroom Shenandoah BBrittany Ferguson • Kaitlin Jensen Super Charge Your Data Collection and Special Education Classroom Tinker MountainLakeeta Lewis • Aniki Reid Teacher Makerspaces: Using Problem-Based Learning for Learning Technologies-Integration Professional Development Roanoke FRandall Dunn Tinkering with Tinkercad WilsonChad Fisher Understanding and Implementing the CoSN/NIST Cybersecurity Framework in your District Roanoke HEncore Walking Dead, Apollo 13, and STEM PBL Awesomesauce AppalachianPreston Ailor • Anna Nole

12:45pm EST

30 Amazing Tech. Tools for Student Creation & Innovation Shenandoah BPatrick Hausammann Apple Technical Update for Education AppalachianApple Blended Learning: How to Empower Students with Flexible Learning and Student Choice Shenandoah ALyndsie Galizio • Regina King Coding and Google Classroom - Crack the Classroom Code! Tinker MountainKaren Franklin • Alisa Segner • Carolyn Wheatfall Designing, Coding, and Building Scientific Instruments for Field-Based Inquiry Roanoke HWilliam Kjellstrom • Chris Stanek Empower Learning with eMediaVA Crystal CAnnie Gilstrap • Elmer Seward Empower Their Learning with Google Sheets! Crystal AHeidi Trude Empowering Educators with Flexible, Relevant Professional Learning Opportunities Roanoke ERod Gillespie • Jill Vogel Engaging Every Student, Every Time: Using Classroom Response Programs to Promote Full Engagement MadisonDrew Baker • Katie Tarasovic Flipping Teacher Professional Development Crystal ERandall Dunn Google for Education and Montgomery County Present: The Chromebook Advantage Crystal DJulie Craft • Google Google Lit Trips: Mapping the immigrant's journey from there to here. Mill MountainAngie Evans • Laura Howell Growing Great Mindsets with Tech and Gardner's MI Theory WashingtonKatherine Orth • Kelsey Pacer HATE APPLE? TRY ORANGES! Crystal BChanel Alford-Campbell • Sonja Bridgers Putting the YOU in YouTube - 8 Tips for Better YouTube Videos Buck MountainJesse Roberts • Daniel Vanover Skyping Through the Curriculum Roanoke FAnne Marie Carson • Erin Lopes Social Media Superhero; Using your powers to connect student learning to the local and global communities. Pocahontas BScott Lewis Super Empowering Kids to Become a Global Collaborator With Easy To Use Technologies WilsonMichael Wesely SuperEmpowering Your PD: Personalized Professional Development Pocahontas ATyler Witman Using Student Choice to Increase Student Voice Roanoke GJami Martin We Put Huge Molecules in the Sky and our Kids Loved It: Using Minecraft in High School Chemistry Brush MountainMichelle Karpovich • Gene Osborn

2:00pm EST

5 Forms of First-rate Feedback Shenandoah BBryan Dulmage A Teacher in Detention: How Working With Incarcerated Youth Transformed My Perspective on Teaching and Learning Roanoke FTimothy Cruz Digital Tools for Metacognition Goal Setting Roanoke GAnne Bianchi Emmons Empowering Learning with EDpuzzle and Google Classroom Buck MountainHillary Haff • Jennifer Lorentz Empowering Students to Teach the World Crystal CLuke Roadcap Engaging and Involving Students in Large Scale Collaborative Projects Brush MountainDrew Baker Everyone Can Code in K-12 AppalachianApple Excel with QR Codes: Track, Organize, and Create Learning Opportunities with Your Stuff Tinker MountainJenn Brown • Larissa Lemp Incorporating Digital Learning in a Reading/English Classroom WilsonMary Claire Pedagno K-12 Learning Infrastructure Program (KLIP) MadisonSusan Clair No more sticky notes! Using Read2Grasp during Reader's Workshop with 1:1 devices! Crystal BNivvi Tareen Panel: Parental Concerns in 1:1, BYOD - CANCELLED CancelledKeith Reeves Peer Editing and Student Feedback in Google Pocahontas ATim Bakner Preparing Teachers to Master Emerging Technologies - CANCELLED CancelledSherry MacBury Super Empowering Learning with Personalized Professional Development Roanoke HJennifer Ferrell Take Your Classroom Around the World in Eighty Ways! Crystal ALaura Israelsen Tech for Tots? Why Not! Crystal DKatherine Orth • Karen Ott Un-Coding Mill MountainBea Leiderman Virtual Reality in the Classroom Roanoke ECharlie Jordan We Played A Game In School Today... Pocahontas BElliot Rothman • Paula White

3:15pm EST

Adventures in Coaching! Lessons Learned While Supporting a Priority School Shenandoah ARachel Toy Apple’s Learning Laboratory AppalachianApple Blended Learning and Technology Integration: There is a difference. Roanoke ELexia Learning • Jennifer Nelson Blended Learning: Empowering Student Success with Office 365 Pocahontas ACheryl Hinzman Empowering with Flight Pocahontas BCatherine Medina- DeVilliers Getting Moving and Into Your Community with Mobile Mapping Mill MountainElizabeth Langran Google Sheet - Why Rate Excel When You Can Accelerate! Roanoke GKaren Franklin • Alisa Segner • Carolyn Wheatfall • Reading Plus Google Slides: More Than Just a Presentation Tool MonroeJami Martin How Google Works: Are Search Engines Really Dumb and Should Educators Care Brush MountainPaul Barron Learning beyond the worksheet: Digital Learning with 1:1 Devices Roanoke HLynmara Colon Managing Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, & ChromeOS devices with FileWave Roanoke FFileWave Okay, Google. What’s next? Tinker MountainHannah Prebeck • Robert Rauch Open Education Resources in Virginia #GoOpenVA MadisonBobby Keener Powered UP Portfolios Shenandoah BNorrissa Dandridge • Yolanda Eaves Project Based Learning: Making learning visible with student created multi-media products WilsonDebbie Martin Super Charge Your Centers with Wixie Harrison/TylerKaren Holl • Anna Keane • Colleen Rowan The Building Blocks of Capacity Building WashingtonChris Biagiarelli Utilizing a Digital Daily 5 Approach during Your Reading Block Buck MountainSarah King • Erica Martin
Monday, December 4

9:45am EST

11:00am EST

1:30pm EST

2:45pm EST

4:00pm EST

Be the Director of Your Own Learning Crystal EKari Packard • Martha Walsh Blended Learning for the 21C Classroom Shenandoah AJason Green By the Power of Collective Knowledge: We Can EdCamp - LOCATION CHANGED MadisonSamuel Wightman Classflow Lessons can be as EASY as 123! Roanoke GHPenny Izquierdo • Katie Marx Computer Science SOLs are coming..how do you plan to address student needs WashingtonPedro Hernandez • Jay Yampolsky Empower Student Learning with Microsoft OneNote! AppalachianKristin Barr Google for Education and Lynchburg City Schools Present: Taking Google to the Next Level MonroeDavid Childress • Google Great Digital Resources to Super Power Learning Crystal CAnnie Gilstrap • Elmer Seward Hyperdocs: Digital Lesson Design with a Strategic Flow Crystal DCathy Maher • Lynne Owen Makers of Mastery in the Classroom Pocahontas AMike Dunavant • Amanda Kinsler Mentoring the Super(Student)Hero: SuperEmpowering Student Learning Harrison/TylerCandace Henderson Removing the Technology Barriers from Instruction via Automated Rostering and SSO Roanoke EEncore Servin' Up Self-Directed Learning with HyperMenus! Crystal BKelsey Pacer Tech-know-logy WilsonLiz Hood The Connected Classroom Roanoke FScott Kiser • Dick Shouldis The New Educational Technology Plan for Virginia - LOCATION CHANGE Shenandoah BMark Saunders • Jean Weller Two Years In: My Life as an Instructional Technology Coach Crystal AHeather Moore Who Needs Robin When You Have Google? Pocahontas BPhillip Slade • Erin West
Tuesday, December 5

7:30am EST

8:45am EST

Are you the ACTIVATOR? Involved in the learning process of each student? Why Not? Roanoke EElaine Freedman • Dave Price Blended Learning and Technology Integration: There is a difference. Roanoke GLexia Learning Class in the Cloud WilsonMichael McGee • Aulander Skinner Cybersecurity Insights for You & Your Students Crystal ADarrell Andrews • Dr. Karen Kellison Digital Identity: Helping Educators and Administrators Protect Our Kids MadisonPam Mabry Empowering students by Personalizing Personalized Learning Crystal ERyan Hitchman Engagement using Mobile Devices Pocahontas APatrick Heath Learning Experiences to Engage and Empower Students Shenandoah BDr. Paula Leach • Dr. Stephanie Playton Moving Full STEAM Ahead Crystal BMelanie Lewis No Letter or Number Grades: Standards-Based Assessment in Practice Tinker MountainKeith Reeves Reaping the Benefits of the ISTE Standards for Educators WashingtonMichael DiSalvo TBD - Cancelled CancelledMicrosoft 3 Teaching Students to Identify, Challenge and Combat Fake News Buck MountainPaul Barron The Connected Classroom Roanoke FScott Kiser • Dick Shouldis The Virginia Cyber Range: Cloud-based Resources for Cybersecurity Education Brush MountainDavid Raymond Transform Your Lesson Plans with SAMR and TeachersFirst Shenandoah AStephanie Bass • Source for Learning TransFORM Your Teaching! Pocahontas BHeidi Trude Using Online Learning to Empower Students Crystal CMitzi Fehl-Seward Work Smarter Not Harder: Using A Gradual Release Model for Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom Mill MountainKevin Holiday • Susan Pelezo

10:00am EST

ACCESSIBILITY, EXTENSION, AND MORE, OH MY! Crystal ADenise Henry-Orndorff Class Link Puts Its Super Powers to Work for You Pocahontas B Classroom Design Trends Roanoke HEncore Colossal Coding Collaboration Adventures Across the Sixth Grade Curriculum. Roanoke EElizabeth Baun • Nichole Ward Empower Students through Digital BreakoutEDUs WashingtonHeather Dorman • Lyndsie Galizio FileWave - Simplified Management for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, & NOW CHROMEOS Devices within a single platform. Roanoke GFileWave • Patrick Longo Flipping Your Sub Plans Crystal BElizabeth Summers Fuel Up Your STEAM Engine with the ARTS (and SuperEmpower Students for Improved Classroom Learning Experiences) WilsonStacey Wright Get Your "Apps" in Gear Buck MountainLarry Burner • David Campbell Getting Googley in Upper Elementary Crystal EJustin Birckbichler Learning Take Flight! A drone experience you won’t forget. Pocahontas AMatt Caratachea • Jon Wirsing Lessons At Their Fingertips!!! Roanoke FJohn Davis • Ferri Lockhart Making Data Work for You Crystal DJessa Henderson More Capable Than They Think: Students Using Annotated Photojournaling as Communication MadisonRandi Chapman Navigating the Digital Conversion Process: Year 1 and Beyond Tinker MountainLuke Roadcap • Kley Todd Simple Apps, Big PAACC Impact Shenandoah AJason Green TransFORM Your Class Brush MountainTeresa Howell Using Flipgrid to Give Every Student a Superpower - Their Own Voice! Mill MountainAnitra Butler-Ngugi • Theresa Ducassoux Virtual Reality in Education Shenandoah BSabrina Mayaan “Digital Engagement”: Cultivating Meaningful Ways for Students to Employ Social Media as a Tool for Self-Empowerment AppalachianAshley King • Charlene Loope “Super-empowered STEM Skill learning by using an Iterative Design Process for a Wind Turbine Competition” Crystal CEd Ozols

11:15am EST

100% Student Engagement with Pear Deck Roanoke HCourtney Buck • Holly Pauley Anim8Nature: Animation to Explore Art and Science Roanoke GKristin Reiber Harris AppMazing Educators Shenandoah AValerie Fawley Blending Leadership for Curriculum and Technology Roanoke EEmily Dillard • Elizabeth Hoover Breaking Down the Classroom Walls Brush MountainCaroline Altman Cybersecurity Career Pathways Shenandoah BAnthony Williams Discovery Education and More Oh My! Crystal ADenise Henry-Orndorff Discovery Energy Dashboard Tinker MountainKeith Reeves Explore a Virtual Classroom filled with Avatars! Roanoke FJanet Copenhaver • Pamela Randall Going 1:1 with Chromebooks, a little at a time! Pocahontas BKathy Brisentine • Jonathan Frye Going Beyond Google WilsonSue Way Hidden Google Goodness AppalachianPatrick Hausammann Learn to be a Transformer... With Facebook Live in the Classroom Crystal CAlex Soule • Jennifer Thiessen Mix up your Breakout EDUs Mill MountainKristine Vester Quick Poll:What's Your IT Superpower? Pocahontas ALaurie Pierce Ready, Set, Steal: 5 Places to get Ready-made Resources Buck MountainBryan Dulmage Super Empowering Tech Tools for Every Super Hero’s Tool Box Crystal EMichael Wesely Symbaloo: How to Create and Efficiently Use a Symbaloo Page in the Classroom WashingtonAnne Bianchi Emmons Upgrade Learning with Google Classroom Crystal DAlan Quimby Using 20% Time Projects in the Middle/High School Classroom MadisonGail Winsor What Does Your Grade Mean? Crystal BFarica Erwin
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